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The Foundation Obedience Class is an on-leash obedience class for dogs ages 7 months and up (young adult to senior age).  Using informal basic obedience, this class will train in home behaviors and establish pack order within the family. 


No previous training required.



Foundation Obedience Class

Pack Order, All Breeds, Dog Obedience

The Foundation Obedience Class includes, but is not limited to, the following:


  • Proper timing and handling skills using one-word commands

  • Dog is trained to respond to the first command that is given

  • Canine nutritional information

  • Boundary Training

  • Crate Training



The Foundation Obedience Class trains a number of informal obedience commands in addition to everyday behavior commands.


Timeframe: 6 Weeks in length, 1 session per week at scheduled time. Each session lasts approximately 40-45 minutes in length.


The successful completion of the Foundation Obedience Class is a prerequisite for participation in intermediate level and more advanced training.

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