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Behavior I Class

The Behavior I Class is an entry-level training class for the young adult thru senior dog (ages 6 months and up.) No previous training required.


Using basic informal basic obedience, this class will train in home behaviors and establish pack order within the family. The Behavior I class is directed towards the family dog that is showing disrespect and challenging behaviors towards its family and pack.





Behavior Solutions for Life with the Family Dog

The Behavior I class includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Proper timing and handling skills using one-word commands

  • Dog is trained to respond to the first command that is given

  • Pack order training, with concentrating on proper behaviors for the home territory and daily routine/environment

  • Canine nutritional information

  • Boundary Training

  • Crate Training


Timeframe: 6 Weeks in length, 1 session per week a scheduled time. Each session lasts approximately 40-45 minutes in length.


The successful completion of the Behavior I-Class is a prerequisite for participation in Behavior II and more advanced training.

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