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Scott Manning, Professional Dog Trainer

If you need or desire training for your family dog that will be an investment and continuously payoff, then you are in the right place.

Hi Everyone, my name is Scott Manning. I am the owner of Canine Coaching Services, LLC. I am a full time, professional dog trainer. This is not a part time hobby. 

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in training your family dog with me and also give sincere thanks to all past and current clients that are visiting the website!

Professional, private training is offered for all family dogs, packs, and their owners. All breeds, all ages, male or female, altered or intact are welcome.

My training goal is to offer professional, private training for the family dog and the owners. I believe it is important to offer a specific line of training services and concentrate on these areas. That is exactly what I have done with Canine Coaching Services. I offer balanced training that is focused on results. Results that will enable you and your family canine member to live a happy, balanced life together. This type of training will allow your dog to participate in your life and not create stress because of questionable behavior or unpredictable tendencies. You should be able to rely on your dog’s behavior and obedience.



At Canine Coaching Services, the manner and training techniques that are used to set pack structure, train behavior, and obedience commands are focused on enhancing the relationship between the dog and it owners. Positive reinforcement is always used, along with various training techniques and conditioning to communicate with your family dog in a manner that is clearly understood. Your dog will be much happier living as a family companion when pack order, structure, boundaries and the expectations of the family is clear.


Canine Coaching Services, LLC. was founded in 2007. In the early 2000's the idea of owning and operating a customer service dog training business came to life. One of my goals was to provide detailed, specialized services to the family dog market. In my experience, this was something that was lacking and needed attention in my local area.


I spent many hours training with my personal pack of dogs. I took advantage of any resources that were available to learn and develop as a trainer. At this time, I knew I was ready for more formal training. I enlisted and successfully completed a hands-on trainers course with Master Dog Trainers. This was a great experience and I learned how to handle and train many different breeds, drives, and canine temperaments.


Upon completion of my formal trainer education, I was able to incorporate the positive communication, instruction and dog training skills that were necessary to form the building blocks for a lifetime of learning and training canine behavior.


Education is of the utmost importance. All that being said, there is no teacher like experience. I have been very blessed by the many clients throughout the years that have had faith in my abilities and provided me the opportunity to successfully modify the behavior of aggressive dogs, successfully set pack order and structure with dominant dogs, and train the unruly dogs to be happy, healthy family members. 


Dog training is not just my business, it is my passion.



Scott  Manning

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