Board and Train Program

Special Request Only


Age range: 7 months and up


Timeframe: 18 – 21 days in length



The Board and Train Program is a mid-level class for training the young adult thru senior dog with a dedicated focus towards precision on leash obedience. An off leash recall is trained.


The successful completion of the Puppy Class or the Foundation Obedience Class is a prerequisite for participation in the Board and Train Program since this is mid-level obedience.


Two (2) private handler sessions will be included and scheduled after the completion of the Board and Train Program. Each private handler session is 40-45 minutes in length. Training is only complete after the private handler sessions are taken.


All breeds welcome.


Interactive training in private handler sessions.


Positive reinforcement.


The dog is trained to respond to the first command that is given.


Proper communication between the dog and owner(s) is implemented, in addition to the proper timing and handling skills that are taught to the owner in the private sessions following the Board and Train Program.


Essential Part of the Board and Train Program:


The dedication to the training process on the part of the owner(s) is still as important as all other training classes. The handler sessions teach the family members how to command and work the newly trained dog. If the transition and handlers classes are not completed within a couple weeks of the Board and Train portion of the program, the results will not be successful in all likelihood; this would be comparable to getting a motorcycle and not having the skills to ride it.


The Board and Train Program is an excellent option for the family that needs a trained dog but does not have the time or scheduling availability for the series of private classes.


Also available on special request is the Board and Train Advanced Program. This is an advance, off leash training class for the dog in a Board and Train setting. Details available upon request.

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